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Ravines of Gloucester Areo Photo & Plot Plan
Ravines of Gloucester Areo Photo & Plot Plan
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Kerncliffe Part  |  Tyandaga Golf Course  |  Bruce Trail

Kerncliffe Park
Kerncliffe Park

Enjoy the peaceful surroundings and wonderful views at this passive park!

Kerncliff Park is a unique and beautiful park site located on the Niagara Escarpment with magnificent views of the City and Lake Ontario. This environmentally based park has been developed to emphasize its natural beauty for the people of Burlington to enjoy.

This property was originally the site of the Nelson Quarry which ceased operations approximately 30 years ago. Since that time the site has been used by local residents for informal recreation such as hiking, and exploration.

The park has been undergoing restoration and development including the stabilization of the quarry walls, creation of boardwalks across the wetland environments, walkways through the Carolinian Forest with a connection to the Bruce Trail and parking.

Tyandaga Golf Course
Tyandaga Golf Course

Tyandaga is situated in the heart of the City of Burlington on Tyandaga Park Drive and is one of the finest public golf course facilities in the province. Owned and operated by the City since 1973, it offers a complete range of services to golfers and the community.

Bruce Trail
The Bruce Trail

The Bruce Trail is the oldest marked hiking trail in Canada. The Trail is over 800 kilometers long, with more than 300 kilometers of associated side trails.

The Niagara Escarpment, along which the Bruce Trail runs, was proclaimed a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations in 1990. It is one of only ten such reserves in all of Canada.

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